The Ivey Trust is the brain child of Beverly Gaynor, which was adopted by other members of the Ivey Family. A date was set and a meeting of minds came together in 1996.

At this meeting Mrs. Gaynor shared her vision of establishing a family fund which would give assistance to family members experiencing financial difficulty in times such as death or critical illness. After much discussion, the idea was accepted and the family began to map the way forward.

On January 1st 1997 the family gathered at the Belleview Primary School for their first meeting

These are some of the decision taken at that meeting:

A fee of one thousand dollars ($1000.00) would be paid each year as dues.

The fund would be governed by an executive body comprising of thirteen (13) members, president, vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and seven (7) board members.

Each family line must be represented on executive.

On August 1 1998 a number of relatives of Adora and Theadore met in its first full meeting. Everyone welcomed the idea of the trust and we had a great time together. Because of migration a lot of us were meeting for the first time and it felt wonderful, as that is one of the things we are trying to achieve. We are a close family and we would like that trend to continue in future generation.

At our first executive meeting in February 1997 it was decided to have our annual general meeting AGM on August 1st each year.

The trust is governed by a constitution document that was prepared and presented to by Lawyer Ms Carol Sewell.

This document can be obtained from the executive body at a cost of $100.00.

To become a member of the trust first

      1. You have to be a family member by birth.
      2. A family by marriage.
      3. Be Registered.
      4. Pay your dues annually.

        As we go forward let us hope for greater things in the future.

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